True Water home water system is a water purification system that removes hardness, chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and all impurities from the water.
When you leave the shower you will feel refreshed and your skin will feel clean, softer and smoother. No more dry, rough skin.
Your clothes will hold it's color and last longer. They will be softer and less lint in the lint trap of your dryer.
Your water pipelines stay free of calcium depostis and corrosion. What better way to protect your investment.
True Water tastes GREAT!
Your family and their health matters! True Water reverse osmosis drinking system filters TDS levels down to .0001 microns. It has an ultraviolet light to kill all bacteria and protect you from any viruses in the water. It's considered medical grade water.
Your dishes will come out crystal clear! No more water spots and film left on your dishes.
Our True Water purification water system has been known to help people with skin conditions and unexplained rashes. The water system clears the water of all impurites and doesn't allow soap to harbour in our clothes which can cause skin problems.
No more yellow calcium deposits on your faucets and shower heads.
Get more suds for your dollar. With the True Water purification water softner feature less soap is more. No more using large amounts of soaps and cleaners to get the job done. Now you only need less than half the amount of soap and cleaners which in turn saves you money.
Your house hold appliances will last longer and run more efficiently. The average houshold relpaces their water heater every 5 years due to hard water.
Your water will boil a lot faster! Same with your water heater. The water in your water heater will boil faster which in turn saves on electricity and better effeciency from your heater.