Home Water Treament

With True Water's whole house water conditioner, you can sleep sound knowing your family is safe from bad water. True Water’s lifetime guaranteed, stainless steel, whole house water conditioner is built like a tank. This sleek design not only looks great but also conditions your water, removes hardness and chemicals. True Water’swhole house water conditioning system is installed using a one inch meter valve which will not reduce the water flow in your home. Instead of using salt for regeneration, we use (and highly recommend) potassium to keep our environment and our rivers free from salts. Give your family the water they deserve and install a True Water whole house water conditioning system.

Drinking Water Treatment

True Water’sreverse osmosis drinking system comes equipped with state of the art fittings, gages, and housing. This drinking system filters TDS levels down to .0001 microns at a rejection rate of 99.9%. The True Water drinking system also has an ultra violet light to kill any bacteria present in the water. Never buy bottled water again!

TW Dual Temperature Water Dispensor

True Water’s beautiful, state of the art, bottle-less water cooler comes with a steaming hot and an icy cold water spout. The face has a digital thermostat which you can set to your water temperature preference. Like our other systems, the bottle-less water cooler drinking system will remove 99.9% of the impurities from your water source. Don’t break your back picking up a 40lb water jug; Install a True Water bottle-less water cooler in your home or office.
Commercial Reverse Osmosis System
Commercial Reverse Osmosis system that removes high TDS levels (total desolves solids) from your water; for example iron, sulfur, PH and salt.

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